The Future of Online Media Starts Here

Wright Media provides innovative and eye-catching advertising solutions for start-ups, SME businesses and large scale corporations throughout South Africa.

We specialize in online advertising as this is the most cost-effective way to get your message across to the people you want to connect with. Online ads are much more affordable than traditional printed mediums, whilst providing a much higher return than their paper-based alternatives.

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What We Can Offer You:

We specialise in business advertising and online broadcasting solutions for the South African market, Feel free to contact us for an advertising solution tailored for your business.

  • Targeted Online Marketing
  • Industry Specific Campaigns
  • Paid & Promoted Advertising
  • Organic & Viral Marketing Services
  • Digital Streaming & Online Radio
  • Online Corporate Strategy
  • R.O.I Forecasting for Online
  • Info Databasing and Archiving
  • Cloud Based Business Integration